Monday, 4 October 2010

ACT 7:

Elizia Volkmann
Karen Heald 

If there is one thing that the BBC taught us it was to remember that you are a Womble and the Mice on the Mouse Organ living with the fear that they may be reds under your bed, that your small life could yet be lit by a light brighter than a thousand suns and cleared away forever, but maybe not, if you hid under a table or clothes horse covered in blankets. Becalm yourself with stories and find uses for an old washing up bottle, combined with your mother's laddered tights, go and hunt another world in the wardrobe, but only find forgotten stuff, oh well one should take heart that these things can be put to good use.  The things that everyday folk leave behind can become priceless art, but time is running out, and even though we moved here to belong, those who came to the East End never belong and soon it will be time to go taking memories, songs and stories with us as we've always carried with us wherever we go.

Once the everyday folk just left stuff behind, abandoned it now they freecycle it or, they either flog it or freecycle it and of course artists are making good use of going to pick things up, further their careers and then flog it, but for the good ladies of K&E that won't do either, if the everyday folk give us the raw materials the good ladies of K&E will multiply it, telling stories, recording, remembering it inviting you to take away souvenirs and memories to break bread and share something in these few short moments.
Art is for everyone, and so the the priceless is PRICE-LESS!

Watch this space and a free-cycle group near you for your invitation to view the less than ordinary art made by the good ladies of K&E and book your appointment to pick up your Price-less work of art!

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