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Call for Live Art Submissions

Violate - verb: to act in disregard of laws, rules, contracts, or promises, to fail to agree with, to be in violation of rules or patterns, to go against; break, fly in the face of, fly in the teeth of.

Where is art/s sting?

The Panopticon nods its approval as its artists enhance the urban experience, perpetuating a sociability that restricts real human interaction. Limiting, diluting. The only free territory left is the artist's home, a site potent for anything.

7 Quiet ACTS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is a series of artists' works subtle (in form) yet powerful (in effect). These seven acts explore Live Art and intervention as tools to pierce private territory, seeking to deconstruct the functions of the home. Away from the watchful eye and rule set of socially accepted behaviours, notions of encounter, conformity, control and consent are investigated. Home becomes a re-thinking place, an art-thinking space, a new envelope for social realities.

7 Quiet Acts takes place in 58 Shelmerdine Close in London's East End, an artist's home waiting for demolition. A new government(s) has resulted in a temporary stay of execution, leaving this home/non-home as a dysfunctional waiting space, a non-time and non-place.

For the series 7 Quiet ACTS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, the Bow Arts tenant invites the use of this private site as a territory able to stand outside of the restrictions of institutionalised space, and outside of constraints imposed by social reality. As societies' rules step aside at the door, 58 Shelmerdine Close becomes a site of resistance. A new Art Testing Centre emerges, and a place for dreaming. Here art that enhances (perpetuates) can be replaced by art that violates (deconstructs).

Bachelard reminds us that the house preceded the universe, while Lefebvre urges artists to produce new spaces that house new ideologies. More recently Bourriaud states that reality can only be defined as a product of negotiation. 58 Shelmerdine Close thus becomes a potent instrument, a home becomes the site for its own deconstruction. This private space opens up as a new time/space, producing unforeseen paths and codes, a site where collaborators devise new experiences and audiences police them. New agendas are set in this trial institution, this re-reality.

For seven consecutive Saturdays beginning October 16th 2010, a series of time-based acts are invited into the artists home. Each weekend one new artist or group intervenes in the building's fabric, its functions and the tenants life. The project seeks experimental Live Art and interventionist pieces, encouraging thinking outside of the square.

7 Quiet ACTS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE asks collaborators to consider can an interventionist act invited into the home be valid. It asks can the edges of experience be found inside the mundane and the domestic that is hidden behind closed doors. During this series of acts, the project asks how can an audience shape production of the invited works? Each show re-animates the relationship between authorship and ownership, participant and beholder, realities normally kept apart. New forms of relations are explored within this private Panopticon.


Tanya Cottingham the artist/instigator and Bow Arts tenant invites artist's proposals, including a short biog, a summary of the form the work will take, details of how this act punctures private harmony and an explanation of how the audience directly affects the resultant piece. Please also provide links to previous works.

Each artist/group will have one weeks access to the building in advance of the show. Door security will be provided for each Saturday show which runs from 2.30-6.30pm. Proposals should specify availability for individual Saturday slots between October 16th and November 27th.

7 Quiet ACTS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE will allocate a limited number of private invitations to its participatory audience members. Entry for this private series of shows is very limited and is strictly by invitation only, there will be no access without a valid invitation. Please contact Tanya specifying which weekend is applicable and the quantity of invitations required.

For submissions, invitation requests and any further questions regarding the project please contact Tanya at:


DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS is midnight 30th SEPTEMBER. Audience application is rolling.



International privacy laws are undecided as to the extent an individual has in terms of freedom in their own home. Definitions pertaining to privacy rights include "physical space, where (the individual) can be free from interruption, intrusion, embarrassment or accountability" (Robert Ellis Smith, Editor of Privacy Journal). Other definitions cite dignity, secrecy, anonymity and solitude of both body and its territory.

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