Monday, 4 October 2010

ACT 2:


Tanya Cottingham

Lotan Sapir
Diane Neufeld
Ruth Marchewicz
Dafne Louzioti that hour, (an autumnal afternoon), we are not sure she knows we are there. watching. we wait. she disbelieves in herself.  she applies a set of masks in the rooms that manifest her as a masquerade. Upstairs, she is hyper-delight. Uber-woman, all veneer. The kitchen and boudoir demand it of her. The stair leads down towards her dark failings. We descend, following guiltily.

Tanya Cottingham left Middlesex University with a BA in Fine Art. After realising her mistake she set up the collective LOSS OF FEELING AND/OR SENSATION running the month long Soup of the Day in Brixton Village Market in 2004 (with thanks to ASC Studios and Arts Unwrapped), Baptism 2005, The Laundry 2006 and Art Monopoly 2007. She has worked with and designed for: Punchdrunk, The Hobbs Factory, High Tide Festival, Thorpe Park and many more. She has designed public art works for county councils and currently instigates fringe happenings in her Bow Arts flat. The first event there was HOUSEWARMING in 2009. Followed by 7 Quiet ACTS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

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