Monday, 4 October 2010

ACT 1:

Mind the Wrap

Catriona Robertson

In response to the ever increasing concerns of heath and safety regulations imposed by institutions, an entire home is symbolically wrapped, the space, the furnishings, even the guests. This epic installation uses packaging suggestive of the restrictions that these rules create. By wrapping the space and the viewer each is protected from one another in an attempt to resolve any potential risk...

Catriona Robertson is an emerging artist recently graduated from Central Saint Martin's where she specialsed in Sculpture. Catriona has exhibited and performed in venues across London including Bankside Gallery, Mumford Fine Art, 93 Feet East, the Foundry, the Queen of Hoxton, 491 Gallery, Trinity Buoy Wharf, the Wallis Gallery, Cochrane Theatre as well as on the Turbine Hall Bridge (Tate Modern) at the Raw Canvas Tate Takeover event in October 2009.


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