Tuesday, 1 September 2009

tanya and christian's posting

in the midst of slow motion
essence, sense and signification
are the experiences of the limit itself

the experience of being within an outside

An act

the stillness of the past tense of a room. emptied. the sounds are echoes. enlarged echoes even. the silence is an echo enlarged.

two figures dance in their joint solitude. swaying movement that could even be stillness. the intention.

they wear patina on their feet. the smell of wax. the smell of old. oldness. they dance slowly. circling. waxing. polishing.

the floors tiles are scuffed and broken. the floors have no value. or rather are deemed valueless. so to preserve them is a pointless act.

the sound is from somewhere within. cupboard. interior. mind. interior. the wrecking ball. the first dull deep thud cannot be undone. inevitable next. pendulum. the couple dance on...
with no power to present what in the present has no name

images and bodies of images are dissolved
control as we know, on the other hand
always finds itself

in the last instance
on the separation
between naked existences

the exception, is what the control itself
each and every time decides

naked life is put into question

the subject that needs to be turned into the exception is always naked
there are no distinctions between strategies and situation

artificial light and nocturnal inclination
unqualified witnesses

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